We established the business of our nursery - garden in 2005 with the aim to have in stock a wide range of grown up and adapted to our climate plants for further use them by landscape architects in their projects. Thus, the focus done on cultivation formed plants. The range of plants is maintained and updated all the year around, if necessary we can deliver any plants to your request from suppliers from Europe and Russia as well. We arrange permanent monitoring of plants in our nursery - garden and this work never stops, thus we use only resistant and healthy species and varieties of plants in the gardening. Cultivation of flowering shrubs and trees allows us to create continuous flowering gardens, while bright autumn coloring plants make a real feast in the garden when season comes.  We use advanced technology and the most effective methods of feeding and automatic irrigation in plant cultivation.

Our advantage

What is our advantage? Why do we lead in the field of landscape design? It is an experience multiplied by years of hard work, it is the study of how to grow in our climate winter-hardy species from the Far East and the North America origin. We have passed this way through hard work and knowledge, of course it took us years and years of hard work.

Today we offer full service: adult specimens of plants, formed plants with geometrical shape and characteristic shape that will highlight your home's architecture and create a bright garden accents, availability the plants for any garden style and a variety of lighting conditions.

We grow plants in the soil, not in containers, as result, they have the most healthy and lush appearance. We do pruning of the root system, so the plants are ready for digging out any time and have 100% survival rate. We use sackcloth and double-layer metal mesh or burlap and plastic container for safety transportation of the whole piece.

If you missed spring time for planting, we will dig up and store reserved plants in a peat until summer planting.

There is an additional service for your needs: order delivery, planting, warranty work, maintenance and agronomist advice.

Price list is completed with current photos; you can estimate the age and the quality of the plant you take an interest in.

WE offer the wide range of discounts for wholesalers and partners.

We are happy to share our experience in creating different thematic parts in the garden and their further development

Welcome to the World of Green Landscape!