The first step of landscaping is design. Our architect visits a customer for detailed talk to him and goes deeply into a customer requirements. We study the lot, architecture of the house, site environment; we put together customer wish with our possibilities. Our portfolio introduces a customer to different styles of the gardens; we work together to tie in one knot the customer taste, his budget and Dream of the Garden.


The next step is land surveying. Based on, we sort out initial versions of the draft design with illustrations. When the choice is done, we do final work considering all changes and additions. It includes dendrology layout, drawing a vertical planning levels of the garden site, drainage, paving, lighting, watering systems. We do advise our customers to start design of the garden parallel with house contraction, this co-operation helps to consider all important details related to the house and the garden.


When agreement over drawings and estimates costs finished, the next stage starts - construction work. The process begins with the preparation of the territory: construction debris removal, forest cleaning, preliminary planning, if it needed we sort out and create man- made relief or change it elevation. It all continues with concrete work on the retaining walls, flower beds, paving. On the next stage we lay the drainage system, irrigation system and lighting, further works includes tiled floors and a track pad and installing small architectural forms.

At the same time, we can practice landing, starting with large trees and completing with flower beds, borders adjacent to the paving as well as additional drainage for the plants if required. Then, complete the installation of lamps and decorative lighting, adjust the watering heads.

Fertile soil is delivered in stages. As far as a lawn, fertile soil is delivered just before laying or planting, which is the end of the work. Our workers are professionals; they do the quality job on time. We monitor plant conditions during the guarantee period and eliminate the problems on time.

We care for you and do all you could enjoy our joint creation.